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Grammartalk 8, Present Perfect Progressive Tense, Page One

She has been playing the piano since she was a little girl.

A: Sorry I’m so late. How long have you been waiting?
B: That’s OK. I’ve only been waiting for ten minutes.
A: Have you been working at the Post Office long?
B: Yes, I have. I’ve been working here for ten years.
A: Your sister is a fine piano player.
B: Yes, she is. She’s been playing the piano since she was eight years old.

A: I just got home. How long has the phone been ringing?
B: It’s been ringing for five minutes.
A: How come you haven’t answered it yet?
B: I just got home myself. I’ve been shopping.
A: Hello? Oh, hello, Tom. I’m sorry no one answered your call. We weren’t home.
B: It’s Tom again? He’s been calling all morning.

A:How long have Mr. and Mrs. Jones been living in
San Francisco?
B: They’ve been living here for the last six years.
A: How long have they been remodeling their kitchen?
B: They’ve been remodeling it for the last six months.
A: I hope they finish it soon. They need a kitchen.
B: Yes, they do. They’ve been using mine for the last six weeks.

A: What is your car doing? It has problems.
B: It’s been making strange noises all morning.
A: Have you taken it to a mechanic?
B: No. I’ve been trying to fix it myself.
A: You should take it to my brother’s shop. He’s been fixing cars for years.
B: That’s a good idea. Please give me his card. I’ll call him right away.

A: What are you and your friends doing?
B: We’re standing in line for movie tickets.
A: Oh? How long have you been standing in line?
B: We’ve been waiting in this line for a half hour.
A: The movie you’re going to see must be popular.
B: Yes, it is. It’s been playing in this theater for several months.

A: What are you doing? Why have you been running
from one room to another?
B: I’m upset. I’ve been looking for my car keys. I can’t find them.
A: When is the last time you used the car?
B: I haven’t been driving for a while.
A: That’s probably why you can’t find the keys.
B: There they are. They’ve been sitting on that table all this time. I just didn’t see them.

A: You look tired. What have you been doing?
B: I’ve been writing letters since ten o’clock this morning.
A: Really? How many letters have you written?
B: You won’t believe this, but I’ve already written fifteen letters.
A: Fifteen letters? No wonder you’re tried.
B: Yes, and I’ve already drunk three cups of tea.

A: Maria looks exhausted. What has she been doing?
B: She’s been baking cookies since nine o’clock this morning.
A: Really? How many cookies has she baked?
B: I don’t know. I haven’t been counting her cookies.
A: Has she baked enough cookies for our big party?
B: I’m sure she’s already baked more than enough.

A: How long has Bob been taking photographs?
B: He’s been taking photographs since nine o’clock this morning.
A: How many photographs has he taken?
B: Believe it or not, he’s already taken twenty pictures.
A: I’ve been trying to get my picture taken for two days.
B: I know. Bob is the best photographer in the city. He’s very busy.

A: You’ve been going on job interviews all morning.
B: Yes, I have. I’ve been talking to many employers.
A: Have you had any luck finding a job?
B: Yes, I have. I’ve already received two job offers.
A: That’s great. You’ve been looking for a job for a long time.
B: Yes. I’ve been hoping to get a better job with a better salary.

Text of Grammartalk 8, Pages 1 and 2

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