Friday, August 14, 2009

Grammartalk 4, Page 1 - Comparative

Come on, man, get real! Fred is short, Shiela is shorter than Fred, and I'm the shortest!!

A: I think you’ll like my new apartment.
B: But I liked your old apartment. It was large.
A: Yes, but my new apartment is larger than my old one.
B: Your old apartment had a nice view.
A: Yes, but the view from my new apartment is a lot nicer.
B: The location of your old apartment was convenient.
A: I think you’ll agree that my new location is more
B: Is your new neighborhood safer than your old one?
A: Yes, my new neighborhood is less dangerous than my
old neighborhood.
B: How about your new neighbors? Are they noisier or
A: They're a lot quieter and friendlier than my old neighbors.
A: I think you’ll like my new refrigerator.
B: But I liked your old refrigerator. It was big.
A: That’s right, but my new refrigerator is a lot bigger than
my old one.
B: You also have a new sofa. Is it more comfortable than
your old one?
A: Try it. Sit in it. What do you think?
B: Yes, this sofa is the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever
sat in.
A: I think you’ll like my new dog, Rex.
B: But I liked your old dog, Rover. I was sad when he
passed away.
A: My new dog is a lot friendlier than my old one.
B: Yes, and Rex is also a lot cleaner than Rover.
A: Rover was a little bit ugly and obnoxious.
B: That’s true. Rex is a lot less obnoxious than Rover.
A: Your new kitchen sink is larger than your old one.
B: Yes, and my rent isn’t more expensive than my old
A: Is it less expensive?
B: Yes, a little. It’s a little less expensive than my old rent.
A: You have a better apartment for cheaper rent?
B: Yes, because this is Oakland. Oakland is cheaper
than San Francisco.
A: Should I move to Oakland or Daly City?
B: That’s a difficult decision. Daly City is closer to San
A: But Oakland is less crowded than Daly City.
B: True. And Oakland has better weather than Daly City.
A: Oakland is usually about ten degrees warmer than
Daly City.
B: Is rent cheaper in Oakland or more expensive.
A: I’m not sure. I think it’s about the same.
A: Should I take Bart to the city or drive my car?
B: I think you should drive your car.
A: Why?
B: If you drive your car, you’ll get to the city faster.
A: Not always. Sometimes there’s a traffic jam.
Then, it takes a lot longer to get to the city.
B: Taking Bart is more expensive than paying toll.
A: Gas prices are a lot higher than they used to be.
B: That’s true. I have to pay more to fill my tank.
A: Pretty soon, it’ll be cheaper to take Bart.
B: I think you’ll like my new car.
A: But, I liked your old car. It was very reliable.
B: You’re right. But my new car is more reliable than my
old one.
A: New York is more interesting than San Francisco.
B: I disagree. I think San Francisco is much more
interesting than New York.
A: Do you think the weather in New York is nicer than San
Francisco’s weather?
B: No, I don’t . The weather in San Francisco is much
nicer than New York’s weather.
A: New York is livelier than San Francisco.
B: I disagree. I think the people in San Francisco are more
energetic than the people in New York.
A: Should I plant flowers or vegetables?
B: I think you should plant flowers in your garden.
A: What makes you say that?
B: Flowers are prettier than vegetables.
A: But vegetables are more useful than flowers. You can
eat vegetables.
B: True. But flowers are much more fragrant than

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