Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grammartalk 1, Page 1

A: Do you always sleep on the floor?
B: No, but I'm sleeping on the floor today because my bed is broken.

Present Simple Tense and Present Progressive Tense
A: Are you sleeping on the floor?
B: Yes, I am. I’m very tired.
A: Do you always sleep on the floor?
B: No, I don’t, but I’m sleeping on the floor today.
A: Aren’t you feeling kind of uncomfortable?
B: Yes, I am. But my bed is broken.
A: Are you using an old record player?
B: Yes, I am. I like to listen to music.
A: Do you usually use a record player?
B: No, I don’t. But I’m using a record player today.
A: Isn’t the sound kind of scratchy?
B: Yes, it is. But, unfortunately, my CD player is
A: Is Jose wearing his old blue shirt today?
B: Yes, he is. He needs to get to work early.
A: Does he usually wear that old shirt?
B: No, he doesn’t. He never wears that shirt.
A: Why is he wearing it today?
B: He spilled soup on his new blue shirt.
A: Is Maria riding her bicycle to school today?
B: Yes, she is. She has to be there in ten minutes.
A: Does she usually ride her bicycle to school?
It’s kind of dangerous.
B: She never rides her bicycle to school.
A: Why is she riding her bicycle today?
B: Her car is at the repair shop. It needs a tune up.
A: Are Mr. and Mrs. Blue shopping downtown today?
B: Yes, they are. They need to buy a birthday
present for their daughter.
A: Do they usually shop downtown? The traffic is
B: No, they never shop downtown.
A: They never shop downtown if they can avoid it.
B: I don’t know why they’re shopping downtown.
A: Maybe they’re buying something on sale.
A: Are those your best dishes in the bathtub?
B: Yes, they are. I’m trying to be careful.
A: Do you always wash your dishes in the bathtub?
B: No, I never wash my dishes in the bathtub.
A: Then, why are you washing them in the bathtub
B: My sink is broken, and the plumber is too busy.
A: Are you and Pedro taking the bus to L.A.?
B: Yes, we are. We’re going to celebrate my mother’s
A: Do you usually take the bus when you go there?
B: No, we don’t. But we’re taking the bus this time.
A: Why are you taking the bus? Isn’t it very slow?
B: Yes, it is, but we couldn’t get a plane reservation.
A: Is the washing machine working today?
B: No, it isn’t. That’s why I’m washing my clothes at
the laundromat.
A: Do you usually wash your clothes at home?
B: I always wash my clothes at home when the
washer works.
A: I don’t have a washing machine.
B: That’s why you always wash your clothes at the
A: Is Sylvia listening to the news on the radio?
B: Yes, she is. She wants to hear about the election.
A: Does she usually listen to the news on the radio?
B: No, she doesn’t. She usually watches the news on
A: Why isn’t she watching the news on TV now?
B: Unfortunately, her cousin is using her TV. Her
cousin is watching a football game.
A: I’m looking for Tom Parker. Is he around?
B: He’s in room 6. He’s writing a report right now.
A: I looked for him in Room 6. He wasn’t there.
B: That’s strange. Tom usually writes reports on the
computer in Room 6.
A: I saw a repairman. He was fixing the computer in
Room 6.
B: That’s right. The computer is down. Try Room 7.


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