Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grammartalk 1, Page 2

A: I’m looking for Mrs. Lawrence. Is she here?
B: Yes, she’s talking on the phone in Room 9.
A: I tried to find her there, but Room 9 was empty.
B: She’s probably eating lunch. It’s 11:30.
A: Does she usually eat lunch this early?
B: No, she doesn’t. But today she’s going to a meeting
at noon.
A: Does Tom always kick the ball with his left foot?
B: No, he doesn’t. He usually kicks with his right foot.
A: He’s kicking with his left foot today.
B: He’s kicking with his left foot today because his
right foot hurts.
A: Does he always play soccer when his foot hurts?
B: No, he doesn’t., but he’s playing today even
though it hurts.
A: Are you playing cards with your neighbors tonight?
B: Yes, I am. The card game begins in ten minutes.
A: Do you usually play cards with your neighbors?
B: No, I don’t. But, I’m playing cards with them tonight.
A: Who do you usually play cards with?
B: I always play cards with my sister and brother.
A: Is Judy taking Tylenol for her headache?
B: Yes, she is. She wants to get over it fast and go to
A: Does she usually take Tylenol for headaches?
B: No, she never takes Tylenol. She usually takes
A: Why isn’t she taking aspirin today?
B: She found out that aspirin gives her a stomach
A: Are you going to Mary’s World Theater tonight?
B: I don’t know. What’s playing?
A: Every Monday night, Mary shows Italian movies.
B: Then, she’s showing an Italian movie tonight.. Let’s
go. I like Italian movies.
A: My friend Sally isn’t going to Mary’s tonight.
B: Why not?
A: She doesn’t like to watch Italian movies very often.
A: That stove is too hot. What are you doing?
B: I’m making a delicious dessert.
A: Do you always turn the burner up so high?
B: Yes, I always use a high flame.
A: Are you trying to burn down my restaurant?
B: Don’t worry. I always make delicious desserts.
A Does Rosa practice the violin very often?
B: Yes, she does. She practices whenever she can.
A: Is she practicing now?
B: Yes, she is. You can listen to her if you want.
A: Where is she practicing?
B: She’s practicing in the music room. She always
practices there.
A: Is Doris baking a chicken in the oven?
B: Yes, she is. She and her son are going on a picnic.
A: Does she usually bake a chicken for a picnic?
B: No, she doesn’t. She usually makes sandwiches.
A: But she’s baking a chicken for this picnic.
B: Yes she is, because she ran out of bread..
A: Robert is a taxi driver, isn’t he?
B: Yes, he is. He really likes his job. He meets a lot of
interesting people.
A: Why isn’t he driving his taxi now?
B: He isn’t driving his taxi at this moment?
A: No, he isn’t. He’s sitting in his cab and reading a
B: He never sits in his car and reads the paper.
Business must be really slow.
A: Are Olga and David eating hamburgers now?
B: Yes, they are. And it’s very strange.
A: They never eat hamburgers.
B: I know. They usually eat burritos at their favorite
restaurant on 24th Street.
A: But they aren’t eating burritos there now.
B: No, they aren’t.. Their favorite restaurant must be

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