Friday, August 14, 2009

Grammartalk 2, Page 1

I went shopping yesterday.

Simple Past Tense
A: I called you yesterday afternoon, but you weren’t
B: That’s right. I wasn’t home yesterday afternoon.
I was at the supermarket.
A: What did you buy there?
B: I bought fish, broccoli, lettuce, and potatoes.
A: Did you cook dinner for your family?
B: Yes. I did. It was delicious.
A: I left a message for you, but I didn’t hear from you.
B: I’m sorry. I wasn’t in town. I was away for the
A: Where did you go? Did you go to Los Angeles?
B: I didn’t go to Los Angeles. I went to Reno.
A: Did you have a good time in Reno?.
B: Yes, I did, except I lost some money when I gambled.
A: I wrote you an email last week, but you didn’t write
B: I’m sorry, I was very busy.
A: Oh, really? Why were you so busy?
B: Our company received a lot of orders, and I had to fill
A: Did you finish all of your work?
B: Yes. I finished all my work last week, but today I got a
lot more orders.
A: I sent you an invitation to my party, but you didn’t
B: I apologize. I was out of town on business.
A: Really? Where did you go?
B: I went to New York. I stayed there for two days.
A: Did you go sight seeing?
B: Yes, I did. I went to the Metropolitan Museum, and I
visited the Statue of Liberty.
A: Did you do anything special on the weekend?
B: Not really. I wrote letters and read a book. How about
A: I took my son to a baseball game.
B: Did you and your son enjoy the game?
A: Yes, we did. Only, the Giants didn’t win.
B: I know. I watched part of the game on TV. The Giants
weren’t very good.
A: Did I type the letters all right?
B: No. You didn’t type them very well.
A: What did I do wrong?
B: You made several spelling mistakes.
A: How many spelling mistakes did I make?
B: You made nine mistakes. You also typed the wrong
address for the company.
A: Did Mary cook the eggs all right?
B: Actually, she didn’t cook them very well. The eggs
weren’t very good.
A: Why? What did she do wrong?
B: She put too much butter in the pan.
A: Did Mark set the table all right?
B: No, he didn’t. He put the napkins on the wrong side of
the plates.
A: Did Stan paint the ceiling all right?
B: Yes. he did. He didn’t miss any spots.
A: He painted the walls, too.
B: Yes, he did. He did a fine job on the walls.
A: He was a painter for many years in his country.
B: I’m glad we hired him for this job. Our last painter
wasn’t very good.
A: Did Sally install the bathtub all right?
B: Yes, she did. I turned on the water, but I didn’t see
any leaks.
A: She repaired the sink also.
B: Yes, she did. That sink was in terrible shape. She did
a fine job.
A: Did you know that she was a plumber in her country?
B: I didn’t know that, but I’m glad we called her.
A: I was a baby sitter for three years. That was my first
job here.
B: Did you work full time or part time?
A: I was a full time baby sitter. I had a lot of
B: Was your employer nice?
A: Yes. She helped me a lot with my English.
B: I’m glad you’re first job was a good experience.
A: I went to Mission Campus and took English courses.
B: How many years did you study there?
A: Only two years, but I had good teachers.

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