Friday, August 14, 2009

Grammartalk 2, Page 2

Sacramento: Capital Building

A: I knocked on your door several times last week,
but you weren’t home.
B: No, I wasn’t. I was in Sacramento.
A: Oh. What did you do in Sacramento?
B: I visited my daughter and her husband.
A: That last time I talked to you, you said your daughter
was pregnant.
B: That’s right. She had her baby two weeks ago.
A: Did you hear what happened to Tony yesterday?
B: No, I didn’t. What happened to Tony?
A: He burned himself while he was cooking.
B: Did he put cold water on the burn?
A: Yes, he did. Fortunately, it wasn’t very serious.
B: I’m glad he didn’t burn himself badly.
A: San Francisco used to be a lot smaller than it is.
B: There weren’t so many large buildings.
A: People used to take the ferry to Oakland.
B: There weren’t any bridges a long time ago.
A: People took cable cars everywhere.
B: There used to be many more cable cars.
A: There was an earthquake in San Francisco in 1906.
B: Was it a big earthquake?
A: Yes, it was. And it was terrible. It caused a huge fire.
B: Did the fire destroy a lot of homes?
A: Yes, it did. People lived in tents for a long time.
B: I’m glad I wasn’t in San Francisco in 1906.
A: Highway 280 used to be a small, two lane road.
B: There weren’t so many cars then.
A: Highway 101 used to be the only large highway on
the peninsula.
A: I didn’t move to San Francisco until the nineties.
B: Silicon Valley used to be orchards and farms.
A: I know. I used to live in Palo Alto. But I moved when
the landlord raised the rent.
A: I used to work in a restaurant downtown.
B: How long did you work in that restaurant?
A: I worked there for four years. Then, I changed jobs.
B: What job did you change to?
A: I became an electrician.
B: How did you learn that skill?
A: I enrolled in a training program at Evans Campus.
A: I had a lot of trouble with my car last week.
B: What was the problem?
A: It didn’t start on cold mornings.
B: Your car runs fine now. How did you solve that
A: I took the car to the dealer where I bought it.
B: Was the repair work expensive?
A: Yes, it was. They charged me $200.00 to fix the
A: When did you move to this country?
B: I moved to the United States two years ago.
A: Did you come here alone or with your family?
B: I came here alone. My family moved here a year later.
A: Were you lonely that first year?
B: Yes, I was. But, when my family came, I was happy.
A: Tell me what you did when you first got to San
B: We did a lot of things the first day. We bought a car.
A: What else? Did you go out to dinner?
B: Yes, we did. Then, after dinner, we went dancing.
A: Did you have a good time?
B: Yes, we did. The next day, we drove around San
A: Tell me about your childhood. Where did you grow up?
B: I grew up on a farm near Guadalajara, Mexico.
A: Did you have a nice farm? Did you have animals?
B: Yes, we had a lot of animals. We had pigs, chickens,
and cows.
A: Did you take care of the animals?
B: Yes, I did. It was a lot of work. I had to get up very
early. I fed a lot of chickens.

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