Friday, August 14, 2009

Grammartalk 3, Page 1

It's going to be a beautiful wedding.

A: Jose and Patricia are going to get married.
B: That’s great news. When is the wedding?
A: They are going to attend college first.
B: So, the wedding will be in about four years.
A: Jose will take computer classes at U.C. Berkeley.
B: And what will Patricia study?
A: She’ll study psychology at U.C. Berkeley, also.
A: Patty, will you marry me?
B: Yes, I will, Jose. But I won’t marry you until we finish
A: But, Patty, that means we’ll wait four years.
B: Don’t worry. I love you. I won’t marry anybody else.
A: Will you still love me after four years?
B: Yes, I will. I know I will. I won’t change my mind.
A: I ‘m going to think about Patty for four years. I won’t
think about computers.
B: You’ll study computers very hard. Then, you’ll get a
good job after college.
A: I’m afraid I’ll fail my computer courses.
B: You won’t fail. You’re going to succeed.
A: I hope I’ll concentrate. I hope I’ll be a good student.
B: You’ll be an excellent student.
A: Jose and Patricia graduated. They’re going to get
married next month.
B: That’s great news. Where is the ceremony going to
A: It’s going to be in Saint Matthew's Church.
B: I don’t know where that is. Will you give me
A: Certainly. Are you going to drive or take the bus?
B: I’ll probably drive to the wedding.
A: Yes, I think I’ll drive there too.
B: Will there be a reception after the wedding?
A: Of course. The reception will be at Patty’s parents’
house, in their back yard.
B: How many people will be at the reception?
A: They invited all their friends. About a hundred people
will be there.
B: I’m going to give them a nice wedding present.
A: What are you going to give them, do you know?
B: I probably won’t give them silverware.
A: Mr. and Mrs. Parker are going to give them silverware.
B: I know, I’ll go to Macy’s and try to get ideas.
A: I’ll probably give them a set of sheets and blankets.
B: Good idea. I’m sure they’ll need those things.
A: I read the weather report. It’s going to rain tomorrow.
B: Is it going to rain all day?
A: The paper says it’s going to rain for two or three
B: We’re going to have a problem.
A: How will we have a reception in the back yard?
B: We’ll have to hold the reception in the house.
A: I don’t think so. That won’t work. There will be too
many people.
B: What are we going to do?
A: I know. If it rains, we’ll have the reception in the church
B: Good idea. The church basement is large. It will
accommodate a lot of people.
A: If it doesn’t rain, we’ll use the back yard of your house.
B: Either way, it’ll be a beautiful wedding and reception.
A: Patty, what will you wear for the wedding?
B: I’m going to wear my grandmother’s wedding dress.
A: Wonderful. What’s Jose going to wear?
B: He’ll wear a rented tuxedo.
A: Where will you go after the wedding?
B: After the wedding, we’re going to travel in Colorado.
A: Jose, you must be happy. You’re finally going to
marry Patricia.
B: Yes, but the future is uncertain.
A: Where are you going to live?
B: We’re not sure. We’ll probably live with my folks for a
while. I’m going to apply for a job in New York.
A: Will you move to New York if you get that job?
B: I’m not sure. If we move to New York, I’ll give you our
new address.

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