Friday, August 14, 2009

Grammartalk 7, Page 2

A: What vegetables have you planted so far?
B: We’ve planted carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli.
A: Have you planted any squash yet?
B: No, we haven’t planted any squash yet, but we plan
A: Have you thought about planting flowers, too?
B: We’ve had flowers in our garden for a long time.
A: I’m Doctor Harris. How have you been ?
B: Not too well, doctor. I’ve had a bad cold since last
A: Have you taken anything for it so far?
B: I’ve taken some vitamin C and some lemon and
A: Have you had any fever or chills?
B: No, I haven’t had any fever or chills so far.
A: Have you ever tried Cold Eze?
B: No, I’ve never tried Cold Eze. Is it good for colds?
A: I’ve taken Cold Eze several times.
B: Has it usually helped you when you’ve had a cold?
A: It hasn’t always cured my cold, but it has always
B: I’ve never heard of Cold Eze, but I’ll try it.
A: How many patients has Dr. Harris seen today?
B: He’s already seen ten patients. He’s been busy.
A: Has he spoken with Mrs. Jones yet?
B: No, he hasn’t. She hasn’t made an appointment yet.
A: I’m surprised. Mrs. Jones has had a cough for days.
B: She hasn’t called our office yet. Perhaps she’s gotten
over it.
A: What cold remedies have you tried so far?
B: I’ve tried Cold Eze and Vitamin C.
A: Have either of those remedies helped you?
B: No, they haven’t. This cold has just gotten worse.
A: Have you eaten chicken noodle soup?
B: No, I haven’t eaten any chicken noodle soup.
A: It won’ t cure your cold, but it’ll make you feel better.
A: Melinda has always been an excellent employee.
B: Really? Has she ever been late to work?
A: No, she has always been on time to work.
B: Has she ever missed an important meeting?
A: No, she has always attended important meetings.
B: Has she ever made an accounting error?
A: Well, she has only made three errors in five years.
B: Has she ever had a problem with the boss?
A: No. She and the boss have gotten along with each
other since she was hired.
B: Has she learned all the new computer programs?
A: Yes, in fact, she’s taught the new programs to the other
B: But has she come up with new ideas for the
A: She’s come up with many new ideas so far.
B: Has she ever been employee of the month?
A: Yes, in fact, she’s been employee of the month six
B: Have you found a better employee than Melinda?
A: No, I haven’t seen a better employee here.
B: So, that’s why you’ve recommended her for the job of
vice president.
A: Robert has worked as an office clerk for six months.
B: Has he applied for a promotion yet?
A: He hasn’t applied for a promotion yet.
B: Why hasn’t he tried to get a promotion? Does he lack
self confidence?
A: He hasn’t learned all the computer programs yet.
B: Sylvia has already gotten a promotion, and she hasn’t
learned all the computer programs yet.
A: Hello, Mrs. Parker. Tell me, have you ever managed
a large apartment building?
B: Yes, I have. I managed a large building when I lived in
A: Have you ever collected rent from tenants?
B: Yes, I collected rent regularly in my last job.
A: And have you ever dealt with an emergency in the
B: Yes, I have. In my last job, I called the fire department
six times.

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