Friday, August 14, 2009

Grammartalk Six, Page One

Should I buy a bicycle or a motorcycle?

A: I can tell you’re not feeling well. What’s wrong?
B: I can’t concentrate. I have a headache.
A: You should go home and take some aspirin.
B: But, I shouldn’t miss this English lesson.
A: But, you should try to get over your headache first.
B: I hope I will be in class tomorrow.
A: What are you going to name your new baby?
B: We might name her Julie or we might name her Mary.
A: I think you should name her Julie.
B: You do? We don’t know. We really can’t decide.
A: You shouldn’t name her Mary. It’s too common.
B: I guess you’re right. We must name her soon.
A: What’s the matter? I can tell you’re having trouble.
B: I have to take my driving test, but my car isn’t working.
A: You should try to postpone the test.
B: You’re right. I can’t take it this week, but I can take it next week.
A: You shouldn’t worry about postponing it.
B: You’re right. I can’t take a test with a bad car.
A: What’s wrong? Are you having trouble?
B: Yes, I am. I can’t find my car keys anywhere.
A: You shouldn’t let it bother you.
B: Can you possibly tell me where they are?
A: You should try to remember the last time you used them.
B: I must find them in five minutes. I have an appointment at ten.
A: Should I buy a bicycle or a motorcycle?
B: I think you should buy a bicycle.
A: Why should I buy a bicycle?
B: They’re safer than motorcycles. That’s my opinion.
A: I can’t ride a bicycle. I never learned how.
B: I can teach you how. It isn’t very difficult.
A: When are you going to clean your apartment?
B: I don’t know. I might clean it today, or I might clean it next week.
A: I think you should clean it today.
B: I don’t have to clean it today. Nobody is coming over tonight.
A: You shouldn’t wait until you have visitors.
B: But, I can’t clean it today. I don’t have time.
A: Would you like to go to Jack’s party with me?
B: I shouldn’t go to that party. I don’t know anybody.
A: You should go. You might meet interesting people.
B: Also, I might have a terrible time.
A: Must you always be a pessimist?
B: OK. I’ll go to the party with you. But, can we leave early if it’s boring?
A: I want to get my leaner’s permit at the DMV.
B: You must take a written test .
A: How many correct answers do I have to get?
B: You must score 80 percent to pass the test.
A: When I have a learner’s permit, what can I do?
B: You can’t drive by yourself. You must drive with a licensed driver in the car.
A: Must I also take a vision test?
B: That’s right. You have to take a vision test also.
A: Must I bring proof of age?
B: Yes, you have to bring a birth certificate or a passport.
A: Can I use my alien registration card?
B: I don’t know. You should bring it to the DMV when you go.
A: I want to get a driver’s license. How can I get one?
B: You can practice driving. You should make sure you drive well.
A: I can’t parallel park. My brother said he would teach me how.
B: That’s good. You must take a road test for the license.
A: Is the road test very difficult?
B: It’s not difficult, but you have to prepare for it.

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