Friday, August 14, 2009

Grammartalk Six, Page Two

A: Bob is late to work today. I wonder what’s wrong?
B: It’s hard to say. He could be stuck in traffic.
A: Or, he could be sick, or his car could be broken.
B: He might be out of town.
A: Yes, that’s a possibility. Or he might be on the bus.
B: He’s never this late. He must have a good reason.
A: Mary swims a lot and also runs every day.
B: That’s wonderful. She must be in very good shape.
A: Jack has very few kitchen utensils.
B: He must not cook very much. He must eat out a lot.
A: Sylvia is getting a new passport picture.
B: She must need to renew her passport.
A: What’s wrong, Mary? You sound upset.
B: I am upset. I’m baby-sitting for my one-year-old nephew. He’s crying. I don’t know why.
A: Well, he might be hungry. You should feed him.
B: I already tried to feed him. He still cries.
A: His diaper might be wet. You should change him.
B: I tried to change his diaper. It was dry.
A: He might be very tired. You should try to put him to
B: I tried to put him in bed. But he’s still crying.
A: He’s just nervous. You should try to calm him down.
B: That’s a good idea. He might like music.
A: Yes, he might like your song. You should sing to him.
B: Wait. I don’t hear him crying now. He must be asleep.
A: Why is Stan returning the CD he got for his birthday?
B: I don’t know. He must not like it.
A: Joy is very bright, but she doesn’t get good grades.
B: She might not study hard enough. She should study harder.
A: Steve gets headaches when he reads books.
B: I think he might need glasses.
A: Mr. Jones, I’m really worried about your lungs.
B: Really, Doctor? Should I stop smoking?
A: Yes, you must stop smoking or you’ll have serious problems.
16. (cont)
B: But, Doctor, I can’t quit smoking, I just can’t.
A: Yes, you can. Anyone can quit smoking if they really want to.
B: All right, I’ll quit, even though it will be hard.
A: Mrs. Parker, I’m really worried about your high blood
B: Really, Doctor? Should I cut down on salty food\?
A: Yes, you must stop eating salty food or you’ll have serious heart problems.
B: I can’t stop eating salty food, I just can’t.
A: You shouldn’t say that. You can control what you eat.
B: All right, Doctor. I’ll stop eating salty food, even though it will be difficult..
A: I won’t be able to help you move tomorrow.
B: You won’t? Did something come up?
A: Yes, I’ve got to take my son to the doctor.
B: That’s all right. I’ll be able to move by myself.
A: I won’t be able to help Mary clean her garage, either.
B: No problem. I’m sure she’ll be able to clean it by herself.
A: Was Jimmy able to lift his grandmother’s suitcase?
B: No, he wasn’t able to lift it. It was too heavy.
A: Was Louise able to paint her house yesterday?
B: No, she wasn’t able to paint it. It was too windy.
A: Were your children able to see the fireworks last night?
B: No, they weren’t able to see them. There were too many buildings in the way.
A: It must be late. Could you tell me time?
B: Sure. It’s five thirty. You must be hungry.
A: Yes, I think I’ll have an early dinner. I shouldn’t stay up late.
B: I have to get up early tomorrow. I can’t stay out late.
A: There’s a good restaurant nearby, but I can’t remember the name.
B: I know which one you mean. They have excellent burritos there.
A: Let’s go grab an early supper.

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