Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grammartalk 9HB, Page One - Past Progressive Tense

A: There was a blackout last night in our neighborhood.
B: I was watching TV when the blackout happened.
A: We were cleaning the apartment when it happened.
B: Irene was brushing her teeth when it happened.
A: The cats were eating dinner when it happened.
B: When the blackout happened, nobody expected it.

A: You have a black eye. How did you get it?
B: I got it while I was arguing with my neighbor yesterday.
A: Mary has a bandage on her finger. What happened?
B: She burned herself while she was cooking dinner.
A: Your aunt and uncle look very worried. What’s up?
B: Somebody stole their car while they were shopping.

A: Laura likes to use her time efficiently.
B: She usually does two or more things at the same time.
A: Yesterday, she washed the dishes while listening to her English tape.
B: The day before yesterday, she fixed the sink while watching her exercise tape.
A: Last week, she vacuumed the rug while cooking dinner.
B: Too bad. While she was vacuuming, the soup boiled over.

A: There was a robbery at the Bank of America.
B: Really? When did it happen?
A: About 11:00 am yesterday. What were you doing?
B: I was attending class at Mission Campus.
A: What were your parents doing?
B: They were driving to the airport to get my sister.

A: There was an accident on Mission Street last night.
B: I know. I was leaving Walgreen’s when I saw it.
A: What was Patricia doing when it happened?
B: She was standing on the corner of Mission and 24th.
A: What were your other classmates doing?
B: They were crossing the street at Mission and 22nd.

A: Were you home when the fire happened?
B: No, I wasn’t home, fortunately. I was shopping.
A: Were your children shopping also?
B: No, they weren’t shopping with me. They were at the playground, thank God.
A: And your wife? Is she all right?
B: She’s fine. She wasn’t home, either. She was at work.

A: Do you think Friday the 13th is an unlucky day?
B: Not really. I had a great day on Friday the 13th.
A: So did I. What happened to you?
B: While I was walking on 24th, I found five dollars.
A: That’s interesting. While I was working, my boss gave me a nice compliment.
B: While my sister was waiting for the bus, she met a
very nice man.

A: Do you think Valentine’s Day is especially romantic?
B: Yes, of course. My husband took me dancing.
A: My husband and my children took me out to dinner.
B: While I was getting ready, he sang me a love song.
A: While I was getting out of the cab, he held the door open for me.
B: I like Valentine’s Day a lot. I wish there were more
Valentine’s Days.

A: Do you enjoy Mother’s Day?
B: Yes. What mother doesn’t like Mother’s Day?
A: Last year, my son gave me flowers.
B: Last year, my daughter gave me a CD with my favorite music.
A: Yes, I heard it. You were playing it while polishing your silverware.
B: I was feeling lonely when suddenly I got a call from
my grandchildren.

A: Henry is upset. His day started badly.
B: Why? What happened?
A: He lost his wallet while getting off the bus.
B: I’m sorry to hear that.
A: And before that, he cut himself while shaving.
B: That’s too bad.
A: And while he was looking for a bandaid, he slipped on the wet bathroom floor.